Facial hair

Hands threading beautiful womans upper lip


Hands threading beautiful woman's eyebrow

About the treatment

The threading is a method which has an history of over 6,000 years.
It is unknown where threading originated first, Central Asia or India. According to one theory, the practice started in India over 6000 years ago and spread throughout Asia, the Middle East, and in recent times Europe. Threading for eyebrows and facial hairs is widely practiced in Asia , Central Asia and the Middle East.

Why Threading ?
Threading is kinder to the skin then waxing as no heat or chemicals are applied to the skin during the treatment. Shaping /grooming eyebrows with threading enhances facial features.

Is Threading for everyone ?
Yes. As threading is kinder to the skin, even those with very sensitive skin which often cannot be waxed, can have a threading treatment. Individuals using Roaccutane or with very sensitive skin are advised not to have the full face procedure the first time.


Full Face


Eyebrow threading first time with Henna paint (30-40min)


Side burns


Touch up and threading with Henna paint every three weeks(30-40min)




Touch up and threading with Henna paint every two weeks(15-20min)




Eyebrow styling and threading first time(30-40min)


Upper lip


Touch up and threading every three weeks(30min)




Touch up and threading every two weeks(15 min)